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About Us

Established in the year 2000, we at "Aditya Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.", under our flagship brand 'DESEO', are renowned as leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide assortment of enchanting and captivating gift items. Our range includes quality Shawls and Stoles, Household Products, Electrical Appliances and Honey and Saffron (Kesar).

Aditya Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is a hallmark of quality & care and family values. With over 30 years of business experience, we here at Aditya Infosolutions care for our customers the way we care for our families and friends. We provide you with unsurpassed quality and guaranteed satisfaction with our 100% authentic and natural products.

Aditya manufactures and trades in a variety of shawls, stoles etc. in 100% pure pashmina, wool and silk from Kashmir under the brand name of DESEO. We provide our customers with the best quality materials. Also available are 100% pure, organic Honey and Kesar procured from valleys of Kashmir in a variety of beautiful packing's.

Aditya has been manufacturing Acrylic products for number of years under the brand name ACROMAX like Dinner Sets, Serving Trays, Divided Plates, and Entertainment Sets etc. We also cater to the needs of the CATERING INDUSTRY. Acromax range has been thoughtfully and aesthetically created to suit all occasions and every pocket, keeping in mind the utility & durability value of the products.

Aditya has also diversified into marketing of a variety of imported products like, Fine China, Porcelain Crockery, Glassware including Crystal Vases, Vacuum Flasks, Electrical Appliances etc.

The name Aditya Infosolutions is synonymous with quality, care and purity. We aim to provide our customers with products that will add style, grace and panache to your daily living without impinging on your pockets.


The valley of Kashmir is an alluring treasure of fine art and craftsmanship, which reflects the traditional artistry and heritage of the people. Kashmir Shawl is one of the most cherished acquisitions in the world. About Kashmir Shawls it is said: "of all Indian textiles none excels in beauty, colour, texture and design as the famous Kashmir Shawl". Gifting a Kashmir shawl is considered as the most prestigious gifts.

Shawls are produced by two techniques, loom woven or kani shawls and the needle embroidered or sozni shawls. Kani is the Kashmir name given to a wooden spool which works most while weaving a shawl on the loom. We bring to you a wide range of shawls in enchanting shades and patterns from the master weavers of Kashmir. From elegant plain shawls to splendid Jamawars and from plain Pashmina to embroidered Pashmina, all are handpicked to present an unmatched range. Experience the sophisticated, mesmerizing beauty of a pashmina shawl, stole, or wrap.

Pashmina needs no introduction. Kashmir pashmina wraps are extremely warm and yet light to wear. Pashmina comes from around famous pongkong lake in close vicinity of western Tibet and Mongolia. Pashmina shawls are hand-woven from superior pashmina and etched with exquisite embroideries.

Our collection includes Digital prints, Stripes, Swarovski, Plain, Solids, Prints, Embroidered, Reversible and many more in 100% pure pashmina.

No one can really tell when the first wool shawl was truly invented. But, it started with ancient India, when people in Kashmir started making fine fabric from goat's wool or fleece, and used them as body wraps. They were later known as Soft Cashmere Wool shawls or Wool Scarves. The woollen shawls of Kashmir have beautiful embroidery work done on them. We provide you with 100% pure woollen shawls in various shades, designs and colors. Our range includes Solids, Stripes, Checks, Digital prints, Swarovski, Embroidered and many more.

Our collection also provides our customers with a wide range of shawls in other different materials such as Silk, Viscose, Pashmina-wool mix etc.



Aditya Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of acrylic products for your home and workplace. These light weight Acrylic Products are known for superb strength, high impact resistance, and durability. We provide our customers with a unique range of acrylic products including, dinner sets, entertainment sets, bowls, spoons, trays and many more. These products are available in a variety of bright colors and designs.

We also offer the option of creating your own designs for your acrylic products. (Only available for bulk orders)

Porcelain and Melamine

We, at Aditya Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd., offer customers with a wide range of imported dinner sets, tea sets, soup sets, coffee mugs and ice cream cups etc in Porcelain, Fine China, Bone China, Melamine etc. These items are available in a number designs with gold and platinum decorations.

Vacuum Flasks

These stainless steel and plastic body flasks are equipped with a Glass refill inside which is conformed to international standards for retention of heat and cold. These flasks are adept at keeping your hot water hot and your cold water cool for long durations and in all weathers conforming to ISI standards.

Vacuum Containers

These top-of-the-line containers are a must for every household. The need to extend the freshness of food is ever increasing and these containers offer exactly this. These vacuumed containers allow food to be fresh for a comparatively longer time and retain their nutrients. They are microwave proof and a good utility to possess.


Rice Cooker

Using a rice cooker is a simple and effective way to cook rice. Many rice cookers keep the rice warm after its cooked. There's no need to watch the rice cooker since this appliance comes with an automatic timer that clicks when the rice is ready. Our range of rice cookers is available in various capacities.

Electric Pressure Cooker

Available in 6 litres, electric pressure cookers are useful for households.

Electric Kettle

Available in 1.0L, 1.5L & 1.8L these have auto cut offs and double protection.


Saffron is the most precious and most expensive spice in the world. DESEO provides you with Kesar or Saffron of unsurpassed quality. This high grade saffron comes from the valleys of Kashmir and is 100% pure. It is available in different packing's of 0.25 gms to 10 gms. You can also purchase bulk orders.

Our honey is made in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. It is 100% natural in color, flavour and aroma. It is available in quantities of 250gms and 500gms and is also available in various flavours like lemon and saffron flavoured honey.

These quality products can be purchased in a beautiful gift packing to give to your loved ones. These packs can be styled according to customers specifications with personalized logos.